Is This Your Plan To Retire? How to Thrive and Not Just Survive

Is This Your Plan To Retire? How to Thrive and Not Just Survive

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If retirement is so darned easy, why do so many people fail at it? This was the observation that sent author Charles Kuster digging deeper into the social construct commonly known as "retirement."

Kuster's eBook chronicles observations of friends who landed into retirement following a merger and early retirement offers. While some took naturally to being retired, about half were soon struggling and sought re-employment. He describes failed attempts at retirement as "crash-landing retirement."

Later, Kuster was thrust into active support of his aging parents and eventually served as power of attorney, trustee and executor. Over a six-year timeframe, Kuster witnessed how few folks really thrive in mid- and late stages of their retirements missed opportunities and encountered unnecessary obstacles.

The underlying problem, contends Kuster, is that too many people ignore how much the modern retirement environment has changed and how that impacts retirees and their families.

The eBook is packed with poignant vignettes, supporting information and practical strategies for those who want to thrive and not just survive after retiring.

The eBook is available as an PDF on this site. You can purchase other formats at and other popular eBook distribution platforms.